Anniversary of the death of our founder, Guy Nègre.

Founder of the MDI company, Guy Nègre (died June 24, 2016) worked for more than twenty years to develop high-performance mechanical systems.

From one patent to the next, in Formula 1 or in light aviation, this prolific engine inventor worked hard to improve the performance of his machines.

This search for absolute performance came up against this reflection: it was necessary to work on the emissions of its mechanical devices to produce clean engines. It was then that he thought of his concept of a completely innovative compressed air engine, combining it with an original and local production method.

Breakthrough innovation involves totally differentiating from traditional ways of thinking, in order to choose a positioning that is perfectly suited to the end use of the invention sought. The innovation proposed by Guy Nègre has two different components: on the one hand, a 100% ecological engine, without gas emissions, without rare raw materials, and capable of storing green energy; on the other hand, a local industrial production method, on a human scale, in a defined area and for local consumers.

Like any new vision, these two concepts have come up against the usual brakes encountered by breakthrough innovations. It took years to make the idea of producing a different vehicle with a local production viable.

Guy Nègre was 25 years ahead of his time and dedicated his whole life to technological innovations, considering his inventions as a way of serving men. Years before the Rio Earth Summit, he had already integrated the notions of sustainable development into his research. The impact of insane modes of production, on everyone's life and on the planet itself, questions:

• Why such a narrow mind?

• Why not share in order to live better?

• Why buy from the other side of the Earth what can be produced on our own street?

• Why destroy what can be recycled?

• Why should sustainable transport be a luxury?

With MDI, his motto was: "To have a real impact, ecology must be accessible to as many people as possible. " Thanks to the synergy between a simple and efficient technology, which uses the air we breathe, as the most accessible means of energy transfer on Earth, and a specific production concept in which vehicles are produced locally in replicable micro-factories, Guy Negre's dream can now be reached.

Its purpose was to produce clean, accessible and affordable modes of transport, to bring people back to the heart of all activities, and to protect and cherish our only home: the Earth. This is the exact definition of Sustainable Development.