Too discreet, why is MDI too little known?

We regularly receive feedback from people surprised that our technology and products are little or unknown.

Several reasons are behind this situation:

For a long time, our activities consisted in research and development, requiring an essential confidentiality. To protect our technological advances, we have filed international patents guaranteeing the intellectual property of MDI SA.
Our technology is subject to a certain discretion.

We have developed commercial relationships with international entities.
These institutions and multinationals intend to develop our know-how in the areas that interest them, according to industrial strategies arising from their choices.
The contracts signed with them limit our communication drastically.
MDI watches scrupulously respects its contractual commitments and obligations.
An example: Veolia revealed in June 2019, in Lille, the Air’Volution (Household Garbage Bin) produced by MDI. Our partner was the first to communicate about this vehicle which belongs to him, as he wished.

When we put consumer vehicles on the road, the press will naturally echo them.
Our product will be gauged, estimated, valued or criticized. Its launch, and particularly when it portends others, constitutes a key moment, the founder of a brand or a range. We have to take care of this moment, the product presented, because it will print the image of the company for a long time.

Discretion is a constraint, but as it stands, it is essential.
We will be happy to split the armor when it becomes possible.